Accused of smearing!!

The night of 2021/1/5, the Blood League was declared war for no reason, what kind of motive and conspiracy is hidden behind the declaration of war

Many things in this world are not black or white, a little bit of rendering will become a large taint.

1/5 Wakefield alliance owner Isfa Blade ( Mimi ) declared war on our alliance.
The reason for this is that the words spoken in the alliance’s frequency at the time of 1/2 were leaked by a snitch to Ispahab’s brother, Dast (Jin Satin), who is the current Hero of Ispahab,The brothers accused me of smearing and asked me to apologize before they would withdraw from the war.

Damn, I did not do anything wrong to apologize for what.

Can you Dast ( Jin Satin ) feel your conscience and say that none of these things have happened!

Then let’s describe these things in great detail, divided into several chapters to explain.

Chapter One : Eat without paying, open the invisible go unnoticed

12/26, we had a dinner party and there were some people we knew from different countries. Towards the end of the meal, we noticed that the two brothers were missing at the same time, so I and another person asked the host to ask them where they were.

The answer was: Because of the toothache of Duster (Jin Satin), he left first.

When it was time to disband, another person and I asked the host to post our personal accounts to him and ask her to remit the money.Otherwise, do you want the organizer and others to share the cost of the meal of Dasta (Jin Satin)? There are elders and others present, when you leave, you will not tell them to leave the venue, at least to send a message.

If you don’t send a message, is it as if there is no such thing?

Afterwards, the two people replied: because they did not bring their wallets on that day

Chapter Two : Dividend of 1000NC

I will actually participate in the big and small activities of the flyover (I have to say that the flyover is I have seen the self-service activities are very rich). I used to be in the former Ice Kingdom with Dast (Jin Satin) and Isfa Blade (Mimi). I remember that there was a time when I got the first place in the event of an essay or video activity, and the prize was a high treasure and NC.When the ranking was not yet announced, Duster (Jin Satin) said in the alliance frequency that if we won the prize, we had to share it. At that time I also very public relations said, okay ~ okay ~ finally really won the prize, Dusty came to talk to me about the bonus. At that time, it was strange to say no, or give him 1000NC to let him go to the supreme equipment

You dare to say that you have not taken it !

Chapter Three : Listening to information of each event

Duster (Jin Satin) is the one who doesn’t do anything, but whenever there is an event in Higetsu, he will definitely contact me! He would ask me which theme I should do, how to write, and which one I should join. At that time, I thought there was nothing, but I would still tell him. Until one time …..

Chapter Four : Alleged Plagiarism

There was an essay contest after the revamp of Feiyue, and Duster ( 錦緞 ) came as usual to ask about that topic, because he wanted to avoid too many strong players not to get the prize, but this I also think there is no seeming, but he directly said that the article of moon fantasy sea is copied from the west, instantly made me feel that this person.

I think it’s really lame to say that Moon Phantom Sea and I and Tie are the same people who came to Feiyue in the same period, not to mention that Moon Phantom Sea is a realistic roommate, and that article was written by me watching him, so what qualifications do you have to say that others plagiarized, and that he will be the last to post articles in the future. I don’t even know what to say!

After the revision, there was a map NPC configuration contest, he also came to ask for information as usual, and finally said they we copied him, I was simply dumbfounded.

A master’s degree in neuroscience and a doctorate in business would copy his hand-drawn map. He really thinks too highly of himself. In the end, one of us used Photoshop to do it, and one used 3D maps to do it, so it should not be considered plagiarism, things should be logical and systematic, we are not the same people long ago!

Chapter Five : Olympic Hero

This incident makes me very angry, Olympic Hero is supposed to be a fair competition, how can you Duster (Jin Satin) come to me just because a child scored a high score?

Your family scores so high is trying to steal the hero, and did not tell me

The hero is your thing, our children just want to score to get the exchange of Dragon Warrior, you a full Supreme people still want to calculate this. afraid ~ on the score to play high back on the good, more let me feel unhappy is with me leaning north after still with others leaning back

How do you want to announce the world my home people grab your heroes, the Olympics is originally based on their abilities, not to mention your exclusive title

Chapter Six : Apologize before you are willing to withdraw from the war

Through other people told me, I apologized to you before you were willing to withdraw from the war. What are you two brothers, not a word I said is true?

I want me to apologize, where do you get the courage ( Angela Leung or cotton to you )

Chapter Seven : To the informer BabyBoss and (Baby starts with a bunch of accounts …..)

You withdrew from the alliance because I killed you in the Olympic, the child did not teach you manners I came to help you take a lesson. When you hear that I do not have + + state, you skills are fully open to hit me and found that you can not kill me.

I’m over there saying that I’m Isley, do not fight, do not fight ….. Who cares what profession you are, there is no such thing as mercy on the battlefield To separate the fight before saying or log out yourself. I will give you, you do not see the heart of the hunt after you find that you kicked the iron plate, crying over there dad crying mom to go around crying with people.

You opened Ada’s account to tattletale with Isfa Blade ( Mimi ), thinking that the photos can not be restored or I can not find out. What’s more, the account itself does not know about this matter, you let her take a big black pot.

I think the game personality reflects the real personality, and also told Isfalen ( Mimi ) that I am very deep, and told him to contact me less. I can only say that even if you are anonymous, you are still a rake boy who thinks he can be trusted after informing the truth.

In the end, it was not found out, to the Wu roll anti-roll, which time is not privately to you have received your money, I alliance where to treat you badly.

Your alliance really wants to declare war, I personally also accept with an open mind

If you are participating in each battle, you can post it directly on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook using OBS. Then we will make beautiful running lights to explain to everyone why the war will start Don’t worry, my English is very good, I can translate both Chinese and English On the top of the lights will be written.

Smear!!! Ba Soul was declared war, just because it said the meal does not give money

Then a little Facebook and keywords, as long as the title of the game related terms will appear, and then linked to the film.


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